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Rammstein means battering ram.  Battering rams were used to break down old, fortified, entrenched positions in the Middle Ages and to usher in change.  Make up air technology has not changed since the introduction of direct fired heaters.  Today’s heating technology is massively inefficient and outdated.Rammstein Air is here to break through the barriers of conventional thinking and to introduce a revolutionary new technology.

Knock, knock...  Are you ready?

There are great differences in spray booth heater energy efficiency.  Energy efficiency directly relates to how much will it cost to operate a heater.  An efficient spray booth heater actually pays for itself within a short period of time.


Constant Air Flow rate – Variable Air Flow Rate

Traditional constant air flow rate heaters are carryovers from the HVAC industry.  Although they work in finishing applications, they are very wasteful.  The reason is simple.  There are many different processes take place inside a spray booth oven.  Each of these processes has specific air flow rate requirements.  Sometimes the booth needs a high air flow rate and sometimes the booth needs a very low air flow rate.  The traditional constant air flow rate heaters poorly approximate the air flow requirements of finishing processes.  This results in a lot of wasted energy. 


The Rammstein Air heater is a true variable air flow rate heater that perfectly matches the air flow rate requirement of each process inside the spray booth.  This result is much higher operating efficiency and significantly reduced operating costs.  THIS HEATER WILL PAY FOR ITSELF!  For example:


Automotive Spray Booth Oven (12,000cfm, Topeka, KS)

100% Fresh Air

Reduced Air Flow

80/20 Recirc

Rammstein Recirc

Cost Per Year

Operating Cost: 5 years

Cost Per Year

 5 Year Savings Over 100% Fresh Air

Cost Per Year

 5 Year Savings Over 100% Fresh Air

Cost Per Year

 5 Year Savings Over 100% Fresh Air




























* The numbers above are only for comparison of various spray booth control technologies.  Actual costs may vary.  For calculations customized to your exact operating circumstances, please contact your Rammstein Air dealer.

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